Working closely with drivers, teams and sponsors has taught me the value and importance of corporate branding. It is imperative to achieve a successful livery design that is not only striking and instantly recognizable but one that preserves the established branding.
Motorsports Paint Schemes
Since 1998, I've established and maintained excellent relationships with many of the top drivers and professional motorsports teams nationwide. Visit the gallery and see for yourself the extensive list of motorsports clients. You will surely recognize not only some of the driver and sponsor names, but more importantly to me, the individual and unique car designs that have raced to victory - some setting records and making motorsports history!
My business is not printing signage, painting or vinyl installation. I focus on my strongest talent – developing motorsports designs. Each paint scheme is hand-crafted using type, color, graphics and proper placement to accentuate the vehicles shape. The design should enhance the overall appearance making it more attractive and memorable.
My Personal Motorsports Design Experience
I have always had a passion for automobile designs which I attribute to my father. Like most boys I collected Matchbox® and Hot Wheels® cars but I probably paid more attention to the auto shape, paint scheme and aesthetics more than the average child. My mother taught me to draw and encouraged the artist within.
In 2005, I earned my bachelor's degree focusing on graphic design & advertising and in 1998, I was hired by a large motorsports marketing company and manufacturer of premium die-cast collectible replicas. For several weeks I was immersed in the business of racing and learned about all forms of spectator motorsports from NASCAR to NHRA to CART to IRL. Within months I was tasked with designing a special paint scheme to commemorate Terry Labonte's 600 straight starts in NASCAR earning him the title "Iron Man".
In the early 90's, the idea of special paint schemes was still relatively new. NASCAR had been around for 40 years and sponsors rarely changed the design mid-season. Stock cars designs used to be fully painted including the sponsors. With the rise of desktop publishing and lower cost and impermanence of vinyl decals, the decoration of motorsports vehicles changed and suddenly it was quicker and easier than ever to alter the core design.
In 1991, five drivers drove special paint schemes promoting U.S. Armed Forces serving in Operation Desert Storm. Dale Earnhardt's 1995 "Silver Select" increased special paint scheme popularity especially for large events like the Daytone 500 and Talladega races.  By 1997, after Dale Earnhardt's popular "Wheaties" design hit the track, sponsors were embracing the idea of promoting different products and events as a way to generate excitement and buzz, offer new die-cast and merchandise and to coincide with other affiliated promotions with which they were involved.
The proliferation of this phenomenon was evidenced by the sheer increase in design projects over the next few years. The fan base of NASCAR was exploding and that meant a prodigious increase of merchandise production opportunities. In 1998, I created 1 special paint scheme (featured above). By comparison, in 1999 & 2000 I developed 18 per year. By 2001, I had created over 30 stock car designs including special paint schemes, event cars and core paint schemes. In addition, I went on to develop multiple F1, IRL, CART, NHRA and World of Outlaws paint schemes most with coordinated helmet and firesuit designs.
It was an exciting time to be working concurrently with the rise of NASCAR and it was challenging to stay innovative and produce at such a rapid pace. By 2006, I was ready for a new challenge so with the help of two colleagues we coalesced and formed Speedtech Design Group offering graphic and motorsports design services. From 2009-2011, I spent much of my time developing graphics for, designing Lowe's quarterly print magazine "Track Record" and creating posters, ads, web banners and various marketing materials promoting 6-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson.
Seven years after Speetech, I formed Dune Media and set off on my own. Dune Media Design continues to create outstanding graphic design projects for customers across the U.S. When I'm not designing, I am operating my golf  business Birdie Media, supplying sponsor signage and promotional products to over 300 annual golf tournaments.
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